Why we say we’re London’s finest handyman service

Why we say we’re London’s finest handyman service

As somebody once said, businesses are built on relationships.

We can blog about re-wiring jobs, we can blog about successfully drilling into mosaic tiles, and we can blog about choosing the correct fixtures to prevent your bookshelves from warping under the weight of those tomes. And we will. We will blog about those things, because they’re useful things to know. They’re the kind of things you expect and want your handyman to know about.

Sometimes though, it’s nice to know about the person, the story behind the face that fixes your leaky tap.

So here’s a bit of that.


Hammer and Halo was set up and is run by Navid Saedi, a former karate world champion from Iran.

Navid won the karate world champion in 1999 at the age of 19 in a competition in Bulgaria. He’d been practicing karate since the age of 11. Competing nationally within Iran and internationally across the world since the age of 12. Which doesn’t mean holidaying and seeing the sights. It means pressure and stress. But it paid off and he has a trunk full of medals and cups to prove it.

After the world champion he suffered a serious knee injury that put him out of professional sport. In fact, he’d already sustained the knee injury before he won the world champion, so determined was he: he won it anyway. Nonetheless, it became apparent before long that the knee wasn’t going to take much more punishment of that kind. He needed to find another path.

And so he found himself in London with a) a limited grasp on the English language and b) a British passport, presented to him by the powers that be in the hope that he might decide to stay and compete karate under our flag rather than his own.

A few years were spent living in Sydenham; studying, working and generally trying to find his place in a foreign land.

In 2005 he started work with The Handy Squad. There his huge aptitude for all things practical came into their own and, on the job, he taught himself everything he needed to know. He always knew that, for him, working for someone else was a short term solution. He always had one eye on setting up his own business, one day, one way or another.

And so, in 2014, Hammer and Halo was born.

Navid brings the same attitude to his work now as he did to his sport in 1999. He’s an all or nothing kind of guy!

Which is why we say that Hammer and Halo is London’s Finest Handyman service.


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