We provide our services to private households and workplaces. Our talented handymen are available on the day you call: weekdays 8am to 6pm, evenings 6pm to 8pm, Saturdays 8am to 5pm and Sundays 9am to 4pm. They navigate London on mopeds, dodging the traffic to get to you quickly, which means where-ever you are in London you can always call us out, even for small jobs.

We know what a juggling act London life can be. That’s why we’ll happily call round to help, even just to change a light bulb or assemble that flat pack book shelf. Let Hammer and Halo take care of all the niggling jobs you simply haven’t time for and keep your home in tip top order.
Plumbing, electrics, decorating, assemblage, fixing and fitting, hanging, drainage… We do thousands of jobs, these are just a few:


Hanging pictures
Hanging mirrors
Hanging curtains
Installing blinds
Wall mounting shelves
Wall mounting TVs
Hanging pretty much anything off anything.
Any jobs not mentioned here get in touch, we can probably help.


Who doesn’t dread that ominous bag of left over screws??!  Where were they supposed to have gone?  Does this mean the bed is going to collapse at 2am?  Save yourself a sleepless night and give us a call.  Our handyman can have that wardrobe up in minutes.
Bedroom furniture
Office furniture
Garden furniture
You name it furniture


Fixing the loo seat back on
Bath screen fitting or adjusting
Baby proofing
Boxing in
Cable tidying
Draft proofing
Gun cabinet
Lifting and shifting
Changing lightbulbs


Adjusting cupboard doors
Hanging new doors, re-hanging existing doors, repairing door frames, door planing
Fitting door handles, mailboxes, locks, bolts, knockers etc
Repair after break-in
Sash windows: replace cords, install new sash weights, install beading, free jammed up or painted shut windows
Assemble kitchen units, wall mount kitchen units


Touching up paintwork
Re-plastering or plaster repair
Painting Services
Filing cracks


Tiling, grouting, siliconing, drilling through tiles, installing accessories on to tiles


Getting lights working
Installing new switches, sockets, lights and power circuits
Replace damaged plugs, extractor fans, pull cords, worn trunking, junction boxes, cables and wires, light fittings
Fault finding: identifying the root of the problem, whatever it might be, and finding a solution to get it working again
Dealing with re-curring or sporadic electric problems


Replacing taps, washing machines, dishwashers, sinks, basins, showers
Unblocking the loo, shower or sink
Repairing a burst pipe
Isolating and repairing leaks
Installing new taps and valves, sinks and basins, bath and shower screens
Installing white goods and appliances